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April 20, 2013
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It was just an average Saturday afternoon. Nothing going on today, just you loafing around your small apartment as you usually did on weekends when you had no work. Every once in awhile it was pretty boring, but most of the time you were perfectly content doing absolutely nothing.

Currently you were slouched on your couch, bowl of cereal for breakfast rested in your lap even though it was technically lunchtime, television in front of your spot playing a re-run of a comedy show you'd seen thousands of times before, and decked out in a loose t-shirt and pajama pants.

Yep, this was the life.

Suddenly, something extremely rare occurred on your oh so boring, lazy day.

Someone knocked at the door.

After releasing a groan and grumbling to yourself about the fact that you had to actually move, you heaved yourself off the couch and dragged yourself over to the door, figuring it was probably either a knock-and-run prank by some kid in another apartment or that package you ordered online, seeing as no one really visits you anyways.

You swung the door open at last, looking down automatically for a package. But there wasn't one there. In fact, your gaze meet a pair of feet in expensive black, lacy boots instead. Bringing your gaze upwards, you nearly had a heart attack at the sight you saw at your door.

A Lolita girl. An extremely cute Lolita girl in the one of the most exotic and frilly outfits you'd ever seen in your life, standing in front of you looking straight into your eyes with her own gorgeous pair of brown ones that stood out well with the help of her skillfully placed-on makeup. Her dress was a lovely shade of baby pink, with black lace and bows decorating her outfit, giving it the exotic look it gave off while also helping with the adorableness to the piece. Beautiful long, black hair flowed down her back in loose curls, pushed back with a headband that had a cute pink bow on the left side as well.

Seeing a Lolita girl wasn't too much of a rare occurrence, since you did live in Japan and they seemed to pop up in your vision every now and then when you were walking through the city you lived in. You'd always loved seeing them, with their fancy  dresses and accessories that you could never dream of one day owning. But seeing a Lolita girl at your very own door was such a rare finding that you were in complete shock right now. What was she doing at the door of your apartment? What were you supposed to say to her?

"Um..." The girl spoke up after a moment, bringing you back to reality. "M-May I...uh...use your telephone?"

She seemed extremely nervous around you, fidgeting a bit in her stance and fiddling with her embellished nails. Her face was even supporting a blush, whether it was real or just makeup was hard to tell though. You couldn't help but note that her voice sounded off too somehow, though you couldn't quite place why. Maybe she was nervous because she was really shy around strangers? That seemed like the most logical reason.

You snapped yourself out of your shock and gave her the sweetest smile you could muster up, in hopes that she might seem less frightened if you at least looked friendly.

"Of course you may, come inside." You answered with a step to the side to allow her to walk in, which she did at an unusually rushed pace.

You closed the door after she was inside out if habit, turning back around. "Alright, the phone is right over here, so you can-"

The girl suddenly whipped around and grabbed you desperately by the shoulders, causing a small shriek to escape your mouth at the  unexpected action. Her expression was now one of pure panic.

"_____-san you must help me! Ive been forced into an humiliating situation and I don't know what to do!" The Lolita suddenly burst out, voice having changed completely now.

That voice.

Was that...?

No way.

It couldn't be...


Kiku Honda, your well-mannered, polite and quiet best friend since forever, who also happened to have been born a MAN, lowered his head in shame at his feminine appearance and gave a tart nod, face colored a deep red that you easily knew was a blush now.

You widened your eyes in shock again, mouth gaping open.

"No way." You uttered in pure astonishment.

"No, it really is me." He responded sheepishly, then reached up to his hair and pulled on the longer strands. The hair slid off his head to reveal his normal, short, black hair once again, with him now carrying the wig he'd been wearing previously in his hand, proving him right.

After the second it took for you to finally process the fact that this was indeed your friend Kiku, the questions started flooding into your head, all grouping into single categories; What? How? When? Why?!

"I-I can explain..." Kiku piped up nervously when he sensed your massive confusion.

"Please do."

Kiku was silent for a moment, fiddling with the wig in his hands and avoiding your eyes, before starting softly.

"W-Well, it's a bit of a...a long story, but it started when Yong soo-san was visiting me earlier this morning. He challenged me to...well, a dare, and I lost...and my punishment was to dress up like a Lolita girl...He forced me into this against my will, assuring me that I could take it off after he got it on and was able to see me in a dress...except once he finished, he suddenly pushed me outside and made it impossible for me to get back in, informing me that he had changed his mind and that now I had to survive a day looking like this in public. He even added that if I had changed in any way when I was able to come back at night he'd force me to do the same thing tomorrow."

You couldn't help the giggle that escaped your mouth. The story was just so strange!

"You poor man." You commented giddily. "So what are you doing here then?"

"I didn't want to be in public like this, and I didn't know who else to go to who wouldn't ridicule me about it or tell everyone they know about this event." He shot you a suspicious glare. "You're not going to tell anyone about this, right?"

You smirked at him, then waved your hand to brush the matter off. "Nah, this'll be our little secret~!"

He breathed out a sigh of relief at this. "Thank you _____-san, I knew I could trust you. Would you mind if I stayed here just until Im able to go back to my own home?"

Your smirk grew wider. "Of course, but I'm not letting you change at all. That get-up is just too cute!"

He must've been hoping you'd actually let him change, because his expression seemed slightly disappointed then.

"That's okay I guess, I'm not entirely sure how to take this off or put it back on anyways. I'm still shocked at how easily Yong soo-san was able to get this on me..." Kiku mumbled.

"Yong soo put ALL of this on you?"

"Yes, everything..."

You giggled again, examining his outfit more closely and thoroughly now. There was such detail to everything on him it was as if a professional worked this on him. It was most astonishing that Yong soo did all of this as well. You never knew the man had it in him, or ever think he'd be so  good at it too!

"He sure did you up! You've even got fake boobs!" You exclaimed after noticing his chest.

"He insisted I needed them..."

"Of course he did." You snickered. "What's it like walking around public in such a girly dress?"

"Embarrassing. Uncomfortable. Wrong." He answered bluntly, watching you with his eyes as you walked around examining him.

"Whys that? Don't you usually cross-dress in your free time?" You questioned while fiddling with the ends of his dress.

"NO! Why do both you and Yong soo-san assume that?!" He replied defensively, his blush growing a bit stronger.

"I don't know, you just seem like the type to do that stuff. You know, cross-dress and Cosplay." You giggled, now taking the wig from his hands and messing with it.

"I'll have you know I have never cross-dressed in my life, not willingly anyways..." Kiku stated, the last line being more of a mutter.

"Aw, but you look so pretty~!"

"I am a MAN, I'm not supposed to be 'Pretty'!"

You let out a laugh at his response and stood back up, slipping the wig back onto his head then curling the locks between your fingers for awhile. When you were done he immediately pulled it off again with a frown planted on his face, gaining another laugh from you.

"Wait here, I'm going to go get something!" You told him, rushing off to your room.

"No cameras." He hollered out after you.

"Aw!" You giggled, shutting the door behind you.

Shuffling about in your room, you searched around for the item you wanted and eventually found it on a dresser top. Smiling to yourself, you slipped it on and rushed back out to where Kiku was.

Kiku was seated on your couch when you stepped back into the room, watching the television with that expressionless face he always seemed to have. You had to stifle another laugh at the way he looked.

"Kiku, you're sitting like a man!" You spoke up, with a giggle escaping your mouth as you did. He just looked up at you from his spot and raised an eyebrow with a frown on again.

"I AM a man." He countered.

"You don't look like it, not with that dress. At least sit on the couch more femininely, it looks weird."

"How do I do that?"

You grinned and walked over to him, sitting down next to him.

"Try this." You suggested, adjusting into the most girly way to sit that you could think up that wouldn't make him feel too strange. He briefly looked at the way you sat and copied you easily, a pale blush glowing in his cheeks again from the situation. You smiled and patted his shoulder, giving him a thumbs up.

"Good job, you look better now!" You praised. He just gave you an odd look and gave out a slight sigh.

"So what did you need to get from your bedroom?" He brought up, obviously attempting to change the subject.

"Hm? Oh, just this." You pointed to the item you'd grabbed earlier, which happened to be an adorable little blue necklace, beads lining the string looping around your neck and the centerpiece looking like a dewdrop. "I just got it and I wanted to show it to you, what do you think?"

Kiku stared at the jewelry for awhile, looking at it with suspicion, which was making you a bit nervous. Did he know...?

"It's very cute, I like it." He replied at last, sending relief through you. You grinned again and settled down into the couch, resuming your lazy day off, but with Kiku now.

Or more importantly, Kiku dressed like a girl, which made it all that much more interesting. Not to mention fun!


Usually your lazy days were slow and boring, often varying between  being a good thing or a bad thing.

Today wasn't, unfortunately.

No, the hours of slouching around with Kiku and playfully teasing him every now and then passed by so fast that before you knew it, it was already nearly time for him to leave.

"Time passes by too quickly when your with others, doesn't it?" You complained after staring at the clock telling you the late hour, wishing it were just hours ahead of the actual time, though it wasn't.

"It does, though Im honestly anxious to get back to my own home." Kiku commented. You turned your head to face him, pouting at him.

"You saying you don't like hanging out with me?" You questioned him.

"Ah, I didn't mean it like that, I do enjoy spending time with you! I'm just uncomfortable about the fact that Yon soo-san has been in my house all day no doubt. I'm worried he might have snooped through my things..." He explained more clearly, now fidgeting in his seat again. You smirked at him.

"What, you got something secret to hide from others Kiku?" You teased. His blush returned, though he was trying hard to keep his expressionless manner, acting as though he was innocent.

"I-I never said that, i-it's just a matter of privacy. One should not snoop through another's stuff without that persons permission. Thats just proper courtesy." He stammered.

"Riiiight, then explain why your face is all red."

Kiku hastily threw an hand over his face to hide it, which didn't help since you'd already seen it.

"I-It's not." He defended.

"No, I'm pretty sure that's a vivid color of red. I've kind of known what it looks like since I was a kid you know." You responded teasingly, poking his cheek with a smirk on. He didn't seem to have anything to say in reply, and just looked away while still concealing his face, causing you to laugh again.

"It's okay Kiku, I won't pester you about it anymore." You reassured and stood up. "I think I'll make us some food before you leave, since I'm starving to death!"

"You were eating snacks all day though, how could you be starving?" He questioned, his hand lowering away from his face now. You grinned and patted your stomach.

"I've got an bottomless pit for a  stomach, it could never be satisfied with just a bunch of snacks!" You stated jokingly, and waltzed off to the kitchen to make a meal for you both.

"Ah, _____-san, would you like me to help you?" Kikus voice sounded from the room you'd just left, with Kiku himself popping inside the kitchen seconds after. You shook your head, focusing on getting stuff needed for the food you were going to make, which you'd decided would be grilled cheese sandwiches due to your random craving for them at the moment.

"No, you mustn't help me Kiku. You might stain your dress or something by accident." You answered. You pulled away with the ingredients for the sandwiches to look at Kiku, him now supporting a concerned look.

"I could wear an apron perhaps..."

You gave out a hearty laugh. "You really think Id have one of those things? I just wear a shirt that I don't mind getting ruined. But if you insist on helping out in someway, I guess you could set the table. We'll eat at a table properly for once today."

He seemed a little more happy at this and went to do so, knowing exactly where everything was since this actually wasn't the first time this scenario had happened.

The food turned out nice, despite being a little burnt and sloppy looking. You weren't the best cook though, so it was a huge accomplishment in your eyes.

"So," you began as you started eating. "Where'd you get the dress?"

Kiku probably hadn't been expecting this because he choked on his food a little when you asked, and you had to slap his back to help him.

"W-What?" He stuttered after he had recovered.

"Where'd you get the dress? I've been wondering all day." You repeated. His cheeks glowed pink again, causing suspicion to arise in you.

"I-Im not sure, I-it's not mine." He stammered, focusing on his sandwich.

"Who's is it then?"

"Umm...Im not sure."

"Because it sure fits you awfully well." You mentioned with another smirk, leaning in closer to him to pressure him.

"M-Maybe it's just a coincedence..."

"And I honestly can't think of anyone else you would know that would own something like that."

Kiku didn't respond this time, and the two of you just stared at each other for awhile, you mentally pressuring him and him keeping his mouth clamped tightly.

"You can tell me the real deal, or you can leave me to assume what I want, and you know where that can lead." You told him after awhile, getting bored of waiting for him to open his mouth. He stared at you longer and turned his head so that he wasn't looking at you.

"I...I may have...bought it at some point...b-but I've never worn it, I swear!" He uttered at last, blushing madly again. You grinned and went back to your meal, freeing him of your pressuring.

"I believe you, don't fret. I won't tell anyone either if you let me borrow it sometime~" you responded gleefully.

"O-Okay, just don't ruin it..." He mumbled and continued eating. You just laughed and agreed not to.

The meal went by too fast, just like the whole day had, and all too soon Kiku was already getting ready to leave. You kept a pout planted on your face as he slipped on his wig and boots once again, upset that he had to leave already. He looked at you when he had finally finished, noticing your expression and smiling sympathetically.

"Don't be upset, I can always visit you again some other day." He said to you. You pouted more.

"You won't be dressed up as a cute Lolita girl again though, it won't be as fun." You complained.

"Yes, well, I can't promise you I will, because I don't intend to ever be dressed this way again." He replied, blushing lightly once more. You continued to pout for a moment longer before letting up finally, tired of being upset.

"I know, I can always wish though, right?" You laughed. He smiled and started for the door, but was stopped by you pulling his dress to make him wait.

"You aren't walking home dressed like that, are you?" You asked, raising an eyebrow. He gave you a confused look.

"Well, I sort of have to, I'd like to get home to exact revenge on my brother." He answered simply, his expression not changing.

"Even if you are a man though, you look like a woman in that outfit, and you never know what might happen to you at night, especially when looking like that." You explained.

"Are you suggesting that I might get...?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying."

He chuckled slightly. "I think I can handle what's out there, you don't need to worry about me."

"I don't care." You replied abruptly and grabbed a set of your keys that were off to the side, shaking them in front Kiku. "Get in the car, I'm taking you home."

Kiku seemed slightly surprised, but then smiled. "You could have just said that first."

You waved it off with your hand and lead him out to your car, where you proceeded to hop in along with him and drive away to his house.

The car ride was a quiet one, but a peaceful quiet. It was mostly because Kiku seemed to be getting drowsy and nearly dozing off the whole way there. You constantly had to keep prodding him to keep him awake, and his house was rather far from yours. Eventually you just let him sleep, since you were tired of poking him awake for no reason.

Soon you arrived at his house, seeing the lights inside were on and guessing that Im Yong must've still been there. You shook Kiku awake and informed him that you were at your destination. When he was conscious enough to move, he muttered a thank you and goodbye then slid out of the vehicle and walked away to his home, still in his sleepy demeanor. You watched him walk off, interested to see if anything would happen when he arrived at the door.

From your window, you observed as Kiku tried the door and, still being locked you presumed, knocked on it and waited for it to open. Yong soo answered, putting on a huge smile at the sight of his brother and exclaiming something that you couldn't hear because of the closed window. Then suddenly, you watched as Kiku lifted a hand and smacked the younger man across the face with enough force to cause him to back up, clutching the attacked area and looking baffled. Laughter filled the air around you in the car as you let loose, briefly glancing at Kiku slam the door shut again and laughing harder. You had never seen Kiku do anything even moderately violent before, and seeing it was just hysterical, though you did feel bad for Im Yong.

Minutes later you had calmed down again, wiping tears from your eyes from too much laughter. This had to have been one of the best lazy days you'd had so far. Unfortunately, the chances of it ever happening again were extremely slim though.

That was okay though, because you at least had something to help remember the experience forever.

You slid a finger under the centerpiece if your necklace, pushing a button on the back to stop the video.

A hidden video recorder necklace. One you had bought for no specific reason, and were now happy you did buy it.

Of course, you'd never share the video with anyone else, not even Kiku.

It would just be your little secret.
Such a strange story, yet i liked it...alot...I dont understand myself! D:

Im not sure where i got the idea for this, probably from my random interest in Lolita fashion. I mean, am i only one that can see Kiku as a Lolita? Anyone? Just me? okay...

Going on, if you couldnt tell or just dont know much about Lolita fashion, Kikus is dressed up in a sweet Lolita style. i technically made up the dress, though i did find one similar to my vision over google images... I made up the hidden video recorder necklace too, but i heard there are things like that XD

Also, the whole "Im Yong putting all this together" was technically based off a headcanon i saw once on tumblr similar to it (i cant remember what it said, curse my bad memory!!!!!!) but i thought it was interesting and used it in here, so thank you to whoever made the headcanon! :D

but anyways, sorry if south koreas name is wrong, im still a bit confused on it and just went with it...and I hope you liked my strange story (not the strangest ive made i think...), and feedback is highly appreciated, as it helps to motivate me and make more stories for you people :D

Only thing that belongs to me is the story, everything else does not.
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Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
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Girl: Do u even want to be with me forever?
Boy: No
Girl: Do u even like me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would u cry if i walked away?
Boy: No
She heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyes
The boy grabbed her arm
Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
Boy: I dont want to be with u forever...I need to be with u forever
Boy: I dont like u...I love u
Boy: I wouldn't cry if u walked away......I would die if u walked away.
Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me
Girl: I will...
*Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they loves u
*Something good will happen to u at 1-4pm
*Tomorrow it could be anywhere!!!
*Get ready for the shock of your life!
*If u dont post this to 5 other comments... You will have baD luck in relationships for the next 10 years
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